Feltre - Villa St Joseph's garden.

Feltre - Villa St Joseph's garden.

Welcome, this is the site of Casa Ester of Feltre.

“It is beautiful, it is splendid, it is charming the city of Feltre with its so rich territory, so various, so colorful; with its crown of mountains with unusual shapes, the arrogant heights and the harmonious correspondence between them… with its life of sources, of streams, of torrents; with its glory of valley and competing hills all of graceful production, of joy; with the one hundred villages laughing of peasant simplicity, and elegant hill with villas, with meaningful gardens, fields, vineyards, sometimes with the borders fulfilled with roman rests, some other between the ruins of medieval castles, and always where the nature has more force and more grace.”

(da A. Vecellio, Il Feltrino Illustrato, 1898)

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