In the neighbourhood

Maggiore square – Feltre

Maggiore square – Feltre

Feltre and his neighbourhood are a very interesting destination especially during summer and winter, as a base camp for different types of trips either in the province of Belluno either in the Veneto region.

Towards north you have the wonderful Dolomites mountains with the famous Cortina d’Ampezzo, the areas of Cadore , Zoldo or Comelico.

Towards south – south-east you may reach Bassano del Grappa, Asolo, Treviso, Venezia; towards west you have the area of Primiero with the well know San Martino di Castrozza.

You cannot miss the Handcraft and Artistic Professions show at the end of June/ beginning of July, as in this occasion will open the doors of the antique palaces of the medieval centre of Feltre, as well the historic re-playing of the "Palio" game in which you may see the fours old quarters of Castello, Duomo, Port’Oria and Santo Stefano challenge each others. This event call to Feltre a lot of tourist every year.

Moreover there are a lot of sport events like Giro delle Mura running competition or the GFSportful bikers race (before called Gran Fondo Campagnolo).

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The sanctuary of St Victor and Corona.

The sanctuary of St Victor and Corona.

It’s possible to make many different excursions, different for length or difficulty : from the easy and relaxing walking trough the Natural Reserve of Vincheto of Celarda park ( part of the major National Park of Dolomites of Belluno) discovering the local fauna, until the natural excursion in the Val Canzoi area, in Val di Lamen or in Val San Martino, between the others.

Into the Dolomites of Belluno Park you’ll find easy and ordered paths, many mountain dew and lodges. From this area starts the "Alta via n. 2" reaching Bressanone, instead from Grappa mountain start the "Altavia degli eroi", moreover many paths linked to First World War.

It’s possible, moreover, to have culture and nature together in some routes as for instance, into the Park, the route discovering the small churches in the mountains villages, in which you’ll find different landscapes linked to stories of saint warriors or faith healers. Or discovering the way of the hospices along the paths followed by the ancient passerby in Val Cordevole, related to mineral fields or to transhumance.

Feltre under the snow: close to the town both experts and beginners can ski.

Feltre under the snow: close to the town both experts and beginners can ski.


During this season snow and skies are the most popular. The space where you can practise this sport are so many : 15 minute far from Feltre you have the sky slopes of Monte Avena offering pure amusement for everybody, cross-country skiers included.

Only one hour far by car you’ll reach Civetta slopes or Alleghe, Falcade and Marmolada.

Above the city of Belluno there’s the Nevegal structure or in the territory of Trento, very next to us, you can visit Saint Martino di Castrozza and Passo Rolle.


The GFSportful, before called Gran Fondo Campagnolo, a famous biking race of Feltre.

The GFSportful, before called Gran Fondo Campagnolo, a famous biking race of Feltre.

The area offers the possibility to practice different sports, especially cycling or mountain bike.

But also horse-riding which has as reference point the ATEF riding school in the Vincheto Natural Reserve.

There are schools of paragliding and of canoe, so that beginners as like experts can practise those activities.

Moreover ice-skating is popular in the modern structure of the Ice palace of Feltre.

In the winter season, in Feltre, you can find a ring for cross country lovers located next to the centre of the town. Or the swimming pool located in the neighbours, Pedavena, will satisfy the swimmers. Of course different fitness centres.

The city

At 325 meter sea-level, in front on the 5th of the Vette Feltrine mountains, edged by the river Piave Feltre is one of the most beautiful walled in town in Veneto region.

Features an historic centre completely original of Renaissance period, in which elegant wall paintings of facades are standing out as also the choreography of the small streets.

You may be interested on the Civic Museum, containing various archaeological finds and a particular gallery with pieces from XIV to XIX century. Curious a rebuilding of a typical kitchen of Feltre with furniture and tools of that period.

A scene from the Palio of Feltre.

A scene from the Palio of Feltre.

You should visit also the Modern Art Gallery "Carlo Rizzarda": exhibiting operas handmade by the artist Carlo Rizzarda, smith of the first '900, collaborating with the biggest architect of that time, especially in Milan.

You can find pieces of all his production, from section of Art Nouveau to Deco of '900.

That Gallery shows also his personal collection of pictures, from '800 to '900.

Recently restored the Diocese Museum of Sacred Art and, in the neighbour of Feltre, you cannot loose the Vittore and Corona saints Sanctuary, of the end of XII century. Its internal part completely fresh painted is wonderful.

In the area is moreover possible to follow cultural paths, singed by a detailed signage: the first is "THE VILLAS AND THE COUNTRY HOUSE-PALACES" and the second introduce you in the pictures heritage of the area churches.

Trough Feltre pass the Via Claudia Augusta Altinate, roman street opened on the 15 a.c., connecting Atino with the area over Alpes mountains, today famous cycling way.

(Photos by Dino Tommasella, granted by Dolomiti Turismo)